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FREE Phones

We have plans that include all hardware.


No Contracts

We have plans that have NO contracts.


Local Sales & Support

We’re located in the Twin Cities offering 100% local sales and support.

Bring Your Own Phones or Get Them From Us

We’re Better. Here’s Why…

MidWest Telecom provides voice & collaboration services that will make you feel like you are in the same office.


We Do All the Work

We will program your phones and set up your entire system for you.



Our phone system is backed up at two data centers.


Bring Your Own Phones

Our phone system can work with 100's of makes and models of phones.



We save most of our clients over 30% on their telecom expenses.



You can easily make changes to the phone system from our web interface, or we can make changes for you.


Need More Than Phones?

Need more then phones? We can get you internet quotes from providers in your area!

Your Work goes where you go

You business goes where you go

We provide the tools to create efficiency and ensure your business communication is seamless.

Hosted PBX – Cloud Phone System

You no longer need that large Internet connection VoIP technology box sitting in your telecom closet.

Put all employees under the same phone system

Employees and staff all share the same virtual PBX.

Get started with Cloud

Are you still running an ‘on-premises’ phone system? Then you’re throwing profits away! Upgrade to our best cloud solution, savings guaranteed.


Get All the Features for One Low Price

Elevate your business to the next level today!

Cloud Communications

The modern world is constantly moving. People everywhere are looking for a quick, safe solution to access accurate information.

Voice Services

In this mobile world, people search for a voice solution to easily connect from anywhere.